PennFIRS On-Line
Pennsylvania Fire Information Reporting System (PennFIRS) On-Line

If you have not registered with the Office of the State Fire Commissioner for a username and password for PennFIRS On-Line, please do so via this link:

  • PennFIRS On-Line User Information and Registration

  • PennFIRS On-Line requires either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. If you've arrived here using another browser, please exit and return via a supported browser.

    PennFIRS On-Line requires two logins:
    1. FHWeb: Logging into FHWeb establishes the connection to PennFIRS On-Line
    2. FHNet: Logging into FHNet establishes the connection to the PennFIRS On-Line Database (enter incidents & run reports)
    Click the "Login to PennFIRS On-Line" link below to login.
    • If this is your first time to login, you'll be prompted to install an Active X Control prior to logging in.
    NOTE: If you receive an error message that you have been disconnected, please press ‘Retry’. Your connection will then be restored with no loss of Data. This is a known issue and will be resolved soon.

    If you do experience this (being disconnected) please send an email to
    • For any application issues and/or questions, please contact the FIREHOUSE Software FHNet Technical Support team via email at:
    • For any PennFIRS On-Line administrative and/or account questions, please send email to:
    Product Name: FHWeb & FHNet
    Version: FHNet v1.15.0.43
    Publisher: FIREHOUSE Software (a Xerox Company) FIREHOUSE Software website